more ancientday items

nostalgia is a strange thing, when it comes to stuff. so much stuff.

here’s a list of anime dvd’s (and a couple of music video vhs tapes) that may not sell at a yard sale. but if you read this, and you’re interested, reach out.

title format
bauhaus vhs
lonely is an eyesore vhs
akira dvd
blood: the last vampire dvd
cowboy bebop [1-6] dvd
cowboy bebop movie dvd
excel saga [1-6] dvd
FLCL (fooly cooly) [1] dvd
ghost in the shell dvd
martian successor nadesico [1-6] dvd
martian successor nadesico movie dvd
ninja scroll dvd
oh my goddess! [1-2] dvd
oh my goddess! the movie dvd
photon: the idiot adventures dvd
trigun [box set] dvd
vampire hunter d: bloodlust dvd
X [1-5] dvd
X movie dvd

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