tagged on tumblr

i decided, yet again, that i do not post here often enough. as i pay for the domain name, i should post more. so here we go.

on tumblr, i was tagged by the very talented poet @firesdontapologise to answer nine questions. i usually warp the game a bit and answer in a different sort of way, but i’ll keep it easy today.

  1. first name? tom
  2. relationship status? married
  3. favorite colors? black, grey
  4. birthday? march 1st
  5. where do you live? waltham, massachusetts
  6. what are you currently reading? black wings of cthulhu, vol. 5 – s.t. joshi
  7. marvel or DC? DC (vertigo), for the sandman
  8. favorite music artists? QNTAL, clan of xymox, a myriad more
  9. occupation? retail management

simple enough, yes? yes.

the next rule in this particular tag game is to mention nine other people, and have them answer the same questions.

as i typically do, i shall break this rule. well. bend it a bit. if you have bothered to read this far, and have not answered these questions already, you – yes, you – are tagged.

if you have any further questions for me, related to the above or not, feel free to ask me any time.


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